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Climate Change. Net Zero Carbon.
Global Energy Costs.

What do these phrases have to do with a technology company based in Chennai, you ask?

We are the behind the scenes intelligent operator smoothly converting business goals into digital products that
make a difference.

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    What we do

    We are true believers of open source. Our eclectic choice of software technology is a testament to our passion for challenges, innovative solutions and the pursuit of excellence.

    Our Expertise

    Vue.js, Angular, Python, Node.js, PHP, Shell Script, LAMP, MERN, Hyperledger blockchain, Big data, MySQL, Redshift, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Kubernetes, AWS, MS Azure, GCP


    C, C++, Schematic design, HDI board design, BoM optimization, EMS, Firmware, RTOS


    EDA or Electronic Design Automation including design services for analog, digital and mixed signal domains


    PCB layout services for multi layer PCBs of up to 16 layers

    Alphabet Cubes

    Design and analysis of PCB Trace Antenna performance for most wireless standards


    Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI) Verification Services for both Chip to Chip and ODT using various tools

    First Prize Badge

    Prototyping, PCB Reliability Testing and Design Verification Testing (DVT)


    What are we building?

    Our highly skilled team at Chennai works closely with our colleagues in the UK and Europe.


    clearVUE is an advanced energy monitoring system and a solution that helps businesses cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to improved green credentials, evolved customer engagement and improved operational efficiencies. 


    Business Energy Quotes 

    Taking control of Business Energy costs today! A Smart grid technology enabled business energy comparison service that’s dedicated to making energy bills lower for small businesses. Now small businesses can spend less time looking for better energy deals.

    ERP -CRM platform 

    Keeping pace with the divergent business needs, a versatile, bespoke solution highly customised to a burgeoning core business. Eminently scalable yet nimble, our in-house built for purpose platform allowed our business to pursue limitless possibilities. Visit our global website to learn more.

    Do you enjoy a good challenge? Are you excited to solve problems? Does the spirit of excellence move you?

    We are looking for curious, young people with a thirst for learning and committed to the ethos of teamwork.

    We are committed to continually develop our team's skills and experiences, focusing on process and technology rigour.

    We empower you with a vibrant, enjoyable and participatory work environment that nurtures individual growth, values teamwork and rewards excellence.

    Personal development, Leadership skills, and life skills you need to navigate in the real world are readily available to our people. You can engage in lively debates in our interactive sessions, inter-team challenger bouts, etc., 

    Our on the job training programs are designed to identify individual interests and sharpen skills. Our curriculum includes

    OS, Databases, APIs, Blockchain, DevOps, Tech Infra, etc.,

    We are delightfully diverse - in perspectives, ideas
    and actions. While fostering a culture of openness where ideas are valued, we encourage stringent self evaluation and accountability. 

    We encourage you to participate in industry symposiums, contribute to our blog and develop skills in diverse areas. We firmly believe that the breadth of your interests - be it in sports or gaming or cooking - feeds back into your technical abilities.


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    “Apart from technology, I look forward to the weekly interactive sessions on soft skills that have helped me become a better communicator”

    Gitanjali, Project Manager


    “I got to know the A-Z of new technology and now I know what I want to specialise in as I progress in my career. I got a truly real-world experience here.”

    Udaykumar, Software Developer

    Profile 004.png

    “The rigorous internship program helped me transition from a student into a professional. It even gave me the confidence to represent the company at client meetings.”

    John, Software Developer


    Join us! We are constantly looking for
    relentless technophiles


    We diligently review your resume to glean your skills and interests. The steps typically are as follows

    Domain specific written test (coding, aptitude, etc.)

    In person interview at our office or on a video call 


    During this process, we would like you to talk about your motivations, past projects and personal contributions. We look forward to hearing from you, your approach to problem solving and your methods.


    If you are a graduate or in the final year of your graduate program, apply with us.


    Does your curriculum call for an internship program? Dive right in! There’s nothing more exciting than fresh, enthusiastic minds eager to hit the floor.


    We typically onboard students in their final year through the placement cell in colleges. You complete 6 months of successful internship with us and we make good our offer with full time employment. 


    What we provide

    Our internship cum employment program is designed with the right balance for identifying potential and to stimulate creativity. 


    Mentorship - Our in house mentors help you create elegant solutions 


    Room to grow – You will not be confined/restricted to the curriculum alone. We’re always willing to see young minds do their best and explore.

    Adventure – You will be exposed to real life challenges. This is our way of getting you floor-ready.

    Recognition – All ideas are welcome and valued. You can count on us to give it a go. Contact your placement cell or contact us directly.

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